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Services and Prices
You can choose any format that suits you better.
In person Tarot Reading
In person Tarot Reading, taking place in Prague, will work best for you if you wish to feel the magical atmosphere, communicate more intimately with the cards, interact personally with the tarot reader.
(1 hour - 1000 CZK / 40 EUR)

Audio/Video Tarot Reading
Audio/video Tarot session via Skype (or any other messenger) will suit you best, if you wish to observe reading in real time, communicate with the cards without leaving the comfort of your home.
(1 hour - 900 CZK / 36 EUR)

Tarot Reading in Chat
Written Tarot Readings will suit you best, if you wish to have faster, flexible and convenient service. I will be chatting online for 1 hour with you, doing spreads and answering all your questions.
(1 hour - 700 CZK / 28 EUR)

Tarot consultation is what you need if:
  • You have troubling relationship or you are lonely and want to find love
  • You have problems at work or in your business, or troubles with earning money
  • You are interested in your life mission, self-development and esoterics
  • You need to make a choice in your life or need a wise advice
  • You want more energy, magic and inspiration in your life
What you will receive:
  • Deep understanding of your situation
  • Answers to the important questions
  • Understanding what to do
  • Wise advice from the universe
  • Prospectives for the future
  • Inspiration and good mood.
Kristina Eridan
  • Experienced tarot reader in Prague, practicing for over 7 years
  • Author of articles for magazines on practical esoterics
  • Founder of the first Psychological Tarot Marathon
  • Managing the popular Tarot Online community with 7500+ users
  • Translator of guidebooks for Tarot decks
  • Successful Graduate of the Tarot School "Gates of Isis"
  • Practicing magician
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