Tarot Coaching program: 
3+ months for achieving your life goals
Coaching program is what you need if:
  • You have important goals that you want to achieve, but you need guidance and support along the way for greater speed and results
  • Do you have tasks/problems that have existed for a long time or you tend to get distracted from goals into a routine
  • You want quality changes in your life: for example, develop your project, get a promotion in your career, increase income, feel harmony and happiness inside
  • You feel as if you are not following your dream, you easily quit
  • You need support and a Mentor to help you

  • On the first session we discuss what you want to achieve from this program. We set specific measurable timebound goals that you can easily follow
  • Together we draw a step-by-step plan how to achieve it, and what needs to be done
  • We determine possible weaknesses, problems & blocks that we will work on with use of coaching, psychology instruments and Tarot
  • Every session we do psychological coaching & Tarot practices that help you to move forward with your goals
  • We write a to-do list for every week that you must accomplish. Next session we discuss the results, possible issues and make new plans
  • During the Tarot Coaching program you may want to get rid of certain habits and achieve new healthy ones. Or bring awareness to important psychological aspects in your life (self love, boundaries, mood, procrastination etc). For this we can use daily reports that you send to me in chat.
  • Between sessions you can text me any questions, issues, we will discuss it and I will give you advice and support
  • Every month we analyze your progress, sum up your achievements and move forward with updated plans.
Coaching with Kristina Eridan
1 month of coaching includes:
  • 4 personal online sessions (1,5 hours each), where I use coaching, psychology and Tarot cards
  • 4 weeks of support in private messages, possible daily reports from you;
  • homework for intensive work;
  • setting life goals, strategic plans and weekly agenda
  • additional practices and self-help instruments
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Cost of 1 month of coaching:
490 € / 11490 czk

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