Tarot Journal
special diary,
which every tarot reader needs!

Use this Planner to:

  • plan the year and make a special tarot spread for the year;
  • introduce good habits, work with the card of the day;
  • set monthly goals and track their implementation, results;
  • write down by months, weeks and days all important events and thoughts;
  • regularly make layouts according to the proposed schemes;
  • conduct personal developments on the meaning of cards in order to understand them even deeper;
  • learn about the seasonal cycles and celebrations of the Wheel of the Year that affect us;
  • using the proposed Tarot layouts, find out what the period brings you;
  • reflect on important cycles, lessons learned and ideas, write down your spreads and more!

What is Tarot Journal?
Tarot planner is a daily planner with both the usual pages for entries for the whole year, and with special Tarot and coaching chips!

This diary was created specifically for all of us who are fond of Tarot and self-development: it helps to record important thoughts, plans, achieve goals and upgrade our Tarot skills.

*Suitable for both experienced tarot readers and those
who only recently began to be interested in Tarot

Let's go on an exciting Tarot journey together!

What is inside?
  • 314 pages of beauty and usefulness with magical illustrations by the artist
  • Pages for planning for the year, month, week and days using Tarot
  • Tracker for regular practice Cards of the Day and other coaching techniques for independent work
  • Diary of a Tarot Reader for developing personal meanings of cards with useful reminders
  • Working layouts for all occasions
  • Rituals of the Wheel of the Year for seasonal attunement and author's layouts that you will make for yourself
  • Affirmations, inspirational quotes, space for personal notes and more!

How much does the best tarot diary cost?
I offer you two options:
19 €
PDF Option for self-printing
Not available. Pre-order

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